The CR Plus semi or fully automatic AED

Designed to be used by minimally trained individuals, the iPAD SP1 is suitable for use almost anywhere that people gather. Whether it’s within the workplace, a shopping centre or a hospital, the iPAD SP1 makes saving lives easier than ever.

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Heart Of Your Community

MKB has teamed up with the Henderson Group to ensure public access defibrillators are available in all stores 24/7. Join the campaign to bring 420 AEDs to Northern Ireland.

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AEDs at Hendersons

The Henderson Group have installed Northern Ireland’s largest network of external, public access defibrillator devices.

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Physio Control

Physio Control have signed up MKB Medical to become their main distributor in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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About MKB Medical

At MKB Medical, we believe in empowering people to save lives. Run by a paramedic, our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of early defibrillation for those suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and provide the technology for communities and industries throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to do so.

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